If you’re using your own vehicle to tote around tots, or when running errands for your employers, you’re entitled to mileage reimbursement for on the job use. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility (not your employers) to track each mile driven, because lets face it, you’re the one behind the wheel. Please note that this does not include mileage getting to and from work, as you are responsible for those costs.

Employers use the IRS mileage reimbursement rate (54.5 cents per mile as  of 01/01/18) to compensate nannies for the use of their own vehicle for on the job purposes. This figure is determined annually and accounts for the costs of operating a vehicle including gas, oil changes, maintenance, tires, insurance, repairs and depreciation –  it is not in addition to a gas stipend.

First discuss with your employer how much driving you will be doing weekly, and then you can determine if a weekly, biweekly or monthly reimbursement is the best option. Next, pull out your handy dandy smart phone and get to downloading a milage tracking app (check out our favorites below). Many of the apps have free AND premium options, and if you’re tracking expenses while on the job the premium options may be best for you! Be sure to track your miles at the end of each day so that you don’t lose track and always, always remember, don’t text and drive!

Each of these apps automatically detects drives and is iOs and Android compatible!

  • Hurdlr 
What we love: Unlimited auto mileage tracking!
  • MileIQ
What we love: It’s basic, easy to use and FREE!
Downside: You only get 40 drives per month in the free version ($5.99/mo for unlimited).
  • QBSE (QuickBooks Self-Employed)
If you use Mint, Intuit, Turbotax, then you’ll love this app!
Downside: No free version ($10/mo)
What we love: Automatic mileage tracking, create simple invoices for employers, record payments, and you can link bank/credit card accounts to track expenses.