It’s easier to become a member of the
Soho House than it is to become
a nanny for Westside Nannies.

Our 10-Point NannyScreenTM

As a parent you know that there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your children. At Westside Nannies we feel the same and that is why our rigorous due diligence process leaves no stone unturned. Our unique 10-Point NannyScreenTM and expert staff ensure that each candidate is thoroughly vetted before they are ever considered for representation.

Comprehensive Screening

In any given week our team is reviewing over 400 applications and selects the best of the best to interview. Upon completion of a successful interview our team begins verifying each candidate’s references to ensure that not only were they excellent childcare providers but also outstanding employees who are honest, reliable, safety-conscious, and trustworthy.

Thorough Background Check

Upon acceptance of a job offer by one our clients a thorough background check is completed by our private investigation team and, if the role is based in California, the nanny is also fingerprinted and registered with Trustline, CA’s comprehensive state-wide background check which provides access to the California Department of Justice and the FBI databases.

Less than 4% of applicants pass our
10-Point NannyScreenTM

Our 10-Point NannyScreenTM Process

  • Formal Application
  • Phone Screening
  • Individual Interview
  • Social Media Review
  • In-Depth Reference Checking
  • Communication and Character Assessment
  • Reliability and Punctuality Evaluation
  • Overall Representation Evaluation
  • Background Check
  • Fingerprinting and Registration with Trustline (CA Only)


What Our Families Are Saying


“The professionalism that has been demonstrated by your agency is remarkable. I have worked with top names in every industry and was blown away by the service - I never knew finding a nanny could be treated like the purchase of a luxury product. Kudos to you, WN”

Richard L.

“When  my maternity leave ended and I was about to leave my first baby at home with a nanny, I was honestly petrified. You made this such a safe, easy process and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Lauren R.

“Thank you for placing Stephanie with us! She has been absolutely amazing and I don’t know how we ever managed without her. The girls love her and not a day goes by without Stephanie planning a fun art project or an exciting outing. She also jumps in to help me with dinner and organizing - a true gem. We’re referring everyone to you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the service that Westside Nannies provides. From their prompt initial response to working with their staff to find the ideal nanny for our 2-year-old son…it was all such a pleasure! When Brooke walked in, my son, who normally doesn’t get excited about mama leaving, couldn’t stop saying “bye mom, bye dad” and waving at us. She even put him to sleep the first day and I honestly didn’t think that could happen – simply amazing! I recommend Westside Nannies to everyone with kids!”

Jesse DeSanti

“Westside Nannies has some of the most professional and highly qualified nannies I have ever seen. They are organized. sensitive to employers and a joy to work with! I refer to them all the time and use thir services myself.”

Dr. Jenn Mann


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