Meet Our Amazing Nannies

Handpicked and thoroughly vetted, the nannies represented by Westside Nannies are the best of the best! Our diligent recruiting team is interviewing candidates all day, every day to ensure that our clients will have access to the best nannies available, at any given time.  We receive over 2,000 applications each month, and less than 4% of candidates pass our rigorous 10-Point NannyScreen™.  The candidate’s backgrounds, experience, and education vary; some nannies specialize in infant care while others are well-versed in the needs of the elementary school age children, children with special needs, or even family and household assistance.  Meet a few of our rockstar nannies below:


Ty is a positive, engaging and reliable nanny and teacher with over 8 years of childcare experience!


Miranda is a patient, compassionate and adaptable nanny with over 6 years of experience! 


Elisa is a kind, energetic and nurturing nanny with over 10 years of experience!


Ashley is an upbeat, creative and educated nanny and tutor with over 5 years of experience!


Adrianna is a cheerful, outgoing and fun-loving nanny with over 10 years of experience!

Finding Your Perfect Match

Our expert recruiting team searches high and low for top caliber candidates so that at anytime, no matter the request, we will have fantastic nannies available to meet the unique and varied needs of our clients. Whether you are headed back to work after maternity leave, are in desperate need of a part-time, after school nanny, or are looking for a nanny who can jet set right along with you (24/7) – we’ve got you covered! Many of the nannies seen here are happily employed by Westside Nannies families, and showcase the caliber of nanny you can expect to meet through us. We look forward to finding the perfect nanny for your family!


Less than 4% of applicants pass our rigorous
10-Point NannyScreenTM.


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