The Magic Behind Westside Nannies

Comprised of hardworking, compassionate and dedicated women, our team includes former nannies and teachers, mothers, and nanny employers. With a larger internal staff than most agencies, we are able to expand our reach, recruit more talent, and provide the gold-standard of service to both families and nannies alike.

Shamira Cerdeña

Executive Client Concierge

Annie Clark

Director of Recruiting

Jacey O’Neill

Placement Counselor

Elyse Germain

Placement Director

Anj Aguda


Elizabeth Wiley


Abby Barazon

Creative Assistant

Katie Provinziano

Managing Director

Heidi Zimmerman

Placement Counselor

Elena Pascullo


Sheila May

Client Concierge

Kelly Mulligan

Placement Counselor

Kim Santos

Recruitment Assistant


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