Family Assistant = the modern solution for the never ending to-do list.

Family Assistants

The Family Assistant – think Mary Poppins meets Jill-of-All-Trades. Arguably one of our most popular roles, Family Assistants are essential for busy families. Whether you’re buried under a mountain of laundry, are exhausted from running errands non stop, can never fully tackle your to-do list, or feel like you’re always one step behind, hiring a family assistant is your solution. Family assistants combine the role of nanny and personal assistant by providing care for the kids, running errands, grocery shopping, helping with meal prep, and checking off the never-ending to-do list. For these roles we search for candidates who have a mixture of nanny and personal assistant experience, are naturally organized and efficient, tech savvy, and love to keep busy!


Family Assistants are the true Jill-of-all-Trades and as a result their duties encompass a little bit of everything. Most Family Assistants provide childcare, drive the children to and from school and activities, coordinate with teachers, tutors, and coaches, run errands, drop off dry cleaning, handle the grocery shopping, help with simple meal prep, assist with organizational projects, and tackle the family to-do list. Some additional tasks clients have asked of their family assistant’s include booking travel, researching summer camps, coordinating the mailing of holiday cards, providing pet care, booking appointments, organizing household repairs, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring the family vehicles are cleaned and serviced. 




Family Assistants generally work full-time, between 40-50 hours per week. Schedules vary greatly depending on the family, their individual needs, and the level of travel and flexibility required. Some Family Assistants work a traditional schedule of Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm while others work an afternoon/evening schedule of 12:00pm to 8:00pm. Our team of placement counselors will work with you to determine the schedule that would best suit your needs. 


Our placement counselors will work closely with you to develop a competitive compensation package based upon your family’s needs. Rates for Family Assistants vary greatly depending on the candidate’s experience, the position duties, preferred schedule, and the level of travel and flexibility required in the role. Current rates for family assistants are between $25-$40 per hour. In addition to their wages most full-time Family Assistants receive the following benefits: 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays/sick days, and a health insurance stipend. 


What Makes Our Nannies So Special?


Westside Nannies represents professional nannies who are experienced, trained, reliable, and proactive. We require our candidates to have at least 3 years of of professional childcare experience along with impeccable references.


Due-dilligence is at the heart of our placement process and safety is our #1 priority. Our trained recruiters are experts at digging into a candidate's background and thoroughly analyzing their work history and references. We look for top-notch candidates who leave an overwhelmingly positive and lasting impression.


In our industry, experience and education can be represented in many different forms; from formal degrees to 30+ years of experience. We represent nannies who simply have a passion for working with children, and many have proven their desire to work in childcare through their academics.


For our nannies, childcare isn’t just a “job” - it’s a labor of love. Most of our candidates began their careers as neighborhood babysitters and camp counselors in high-school, pre-school teachers or part-time nannies in college, and are now professional nannies. Our nannies love their jobs, and we think that’s pretty cool.


Whether it’s texting you a picture of your little one at the park or setting up a Skype session to say goodnight to your child when you are out of town, Westside Nannies candidates are forward-thinking, aware, and tech savvy.


We believe that a nanny’s moral and ethical character is just as important as what’s on her resume. Nannies are more than just caregivers - they are mentors and role models, and a direct reflection of your family’s values. We place an emphasis on recruiting candidates who display character traits such as loyalty, dependability, honesty, and respect. 

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What Our Families Are Saying


“The professionalism that has been demonstrated by your agency is remarkable. I have worked with top names in every industry and was blown away by the service - I never knew finding a nanny could be treated like the purchase of a luxury product. Kudos to you, WN”

Richard L.

“When  my maternity leave ended and I was about to leave my first baby at home with a nanny, I was honestly petrified. You made this such a safe, easy process and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Lauren R.

“Thank you for placing Stephanie with us! She has been absolutely amazing and I don’t know how we ever managed without her. The girls love her and not a day goes by without Stephanie planning a fun art project or an exciting outing. She also jumps in to help me with dinner and organizing - a true gem. We’re referring everyone to you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the service that Westside Nannies provides. From their prompt initial response to working with their staff to find the ideal nanny for our 2-year-old son…it was all such a pleasure! When Brooke walked in, my son, who normally doesn’t get excited about mama leaving, couldn’t stop saying “bye mom, bye dad” and waving at us. She even put him to sleep the first day and I honestly didn’t think that could happen – simply amazing! I recommend Westside Nannies to everyone with kids!”

Jesse DeSanti

“Westside Nannies has some of the most professional and highly qualified nannies I have ever seen. They are organized. sensitive to employers and a joy to work with! I refer to them all the time and use thir services myself.”

Dr. Jenn Mann


Less than 4% of applicants pass our rigorous
10-Point NannyScreenTM.


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