Finding the perfect nanny is a reason to celebrate, and what better way to do that than by planning to make the new nanny’s first day extra fantastic? A nanny’s first day can be a bit nerve-wracking for all involved. Nannies are anxious to get started on the right foot and to start developing a strong bond with the children, and parents and children are adjusting to a new routine and to having a brand new person in their home. Things can feel a little bit awkward at first, but planning a special welcome for your nanny is the perfect way to help them have a calmer, happier first day and to jumpstart their relationship with your children.

A first day gift doesn’t have to be something extravagant. Rather, it’s a gesture that lets the nanny know that he or she is a valued new member of the family and that you’re interested in making sure they are happy with your family. Here are five fun and thoughtful ideas for celebrating your nanny’s first day.

Make cards & banners

Working with the children to make some “happy first day” cards for the new nanny will get them excited about meeting their new caregiver and make the nanny feel instantly appreciated. It could be cute to set up the cards, a welcome banner, and maybe even some fun balloons to greet the nanny upon his or her arrival. A small welcome gift, like flowers, could also be a sweet addition.

Plan a fun activity

On the nanny’s first day, or sometime during the first week, plan a special outing for the children and the nanny. This could be a zoo trip, tickets to Disney On Ice, a trip to the beach, or any other fun local activity you think the nanny might enjoy doing with your children. It may also be helpful to purchase a membership to the local zoo, botanical gardens, or children’s museum, and gift that to the nanny as a part of the outing, so the nanny can go with the children over and over again.

Host a welcome dinner

Sharing a good meal together can help the nanny feel like a part of the family and give him or her some extra time to get to know your family in a more relaxed environment. If cooking is your thing, you can whip up something amazing and have a celebratory dinner at home. Otherwise, you can treat the nanny to a great meal from a local restaurant (ask them about their favorites!). Either way, the gesture will be appreciated and go a long way towards strengthening the bond between the nanny and your family.

Make a nanny welcome basket

A gift basket is a simple gesture that shows you care about your nanny’s comfort and wellbeing. Items in the gift basket can include little treats and trinkets to make her day easier: a good quality reusable coffee cup or water bottle, a gift card to a local coffee shop, some gourmet snacks or baked goods, fancy hand lotion, and a nice tote bag to carry during outings. If you know the nanny’s preferences, you could also include a book or some magazines, tickets to a movie or show, or another small personal gift he or she might like.

Make your home nanny-friendly

You want the nanny to feel welcome in your home, so it’s a good idea to make space for things they like and use. Ask the nanny what snacks and drinks you can pick up at the grocery store for them prior to their first day. If you’re planning to purchase a stroller or baby carrier for the nanny’s use, let them have a say in which one you purchase. If the nanny is living in, offer a gift card to a home store so they can pick out a few items they like for their room. If you live near the beach, gift them a monogrammed towel in their favorite color in a cute new beach bag they can keep at your house. Small gestures that create space for your nanny within your home will make him or her feel more valued.