There are few things more precious to a parent than handmade gifts from their children. Whether it’s a hand-painted macaroni necklace or a popsicle stick photo frame, those quirky little gifts often mean more than even the most expensive item from the store ever could. But, thanks to the Internet, there’s no reason to stick to the old go-tos when it comes to making gifts. There are a lot more creative ideas out there for the types of presents children can make, and some of them are seriously cool. Here, we’ve gathered five DIY gifts that are guaranteed charmers and aren’t too difficult to put together. Children will love helping out with these unique crafts, and their parents will love that you put so much thought and effort into creating a truly memorable holiday gift.

DIY Sand Footprint Keepsake Craft

For a heartfelt gift, it doesn’t get sweeter than these memorable footprints in the sand. This keepsake will make every single day a day at the beach, and believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to make. Paging Fun Mums has the step-by-step instructions on how to create this craft using a simple photo frame, Plaster of Paris, sand, seashells, and some other easy to come by odds and ends. The children can even add their own custom drawings and details.

DIY Custom Snow Globe

This twist on the classic snowglobe is a memento that will bring a smile to parents’ faces any time of the year. Have children strike a funny pose, then stick the photos to some sturdy chipboard and add fun embellishments. Children don’t have to wear winter clothes, either. They can take a picture in whatever outfit they love the most. You could even add sand, shells, glitter, or beads to change up the theme. The children will have a great time helping with this one and the results are amazing. Plus, the little plastic snow globes are available at Dollar Tree! Check out the full tutorial at Font Bundles to see how to put them together.

Easy Salt Dough Santa Handprint Ornament

 A handmade Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for families who celebrate Christmas, and adding a child’s teeny-tiny, adorable handprint into the mix makes it even better! These precious Santa handprint ornaments made with three-ingredient homemade salt dough hit all the bases for holiday cuteness. They’ll look great on any tree year after year, but they’re also a special, personalized keepsake that parents will cherish long after the children are grown. Check out the full how-to at the Messy Little Monster blog.

Story Stones

 Story stones were made to create meaningful bonding time. Each stone has a picture of an object, animal, or other figure on it. One person draws a stone and starts a story inspired by whatever is on the stone. Then the next person draws another one and continues the story, incorporating whatever is on their stone for silly, adventurous, and creative storytelling. The stones can be made with smooth rocks from a craft store and Mod Podge or paint. For this gift, Jackie at Happy Hooligans shares how to make a custom set of story stones that will have nanny kids and their parent laughing, learning, and playing together for years to come.

Scratch Foam Printmaking


Create art that parents will love hanging up. Scratch-foam printing is a cool technique where children scratch their desired drawing into a piece of thin foam, roll paint over it, and then press it onto paper to create a one of a kind work of art. It’s easy enough even for toddlers to do, and the results look almost professional. Children can create portraits of their parents, holiday themes, or anything their heart desires. The Art Club Blog has detailed instructions for a successful printmaking day.