It’s almost that time to start thinking about Mother’s Day gifts again. For moms, getting handmade gifts from their children is one of the purest joys of motherhood, and coming up with a Mother’s Day craft to make with the children is a great way to teach them about gratitude and giving. If you’re looking for something to make with your nanny children that is a little more useful and creative than the standard macaroni necklace, we’ve got you covered. Here are six unique ideas for sentimental handmade gifts to make with your nanny children that moms will truly love receiving.

A bouquet of “why I love you” flowers

Help each child craft a handmade flower packed with reasons why they love their mom. They can give their mom the flowers individually, or you can bundle them in a painted mason jar or a small terracotta pot filled with Hershey’s Kisses for an extra cute presentation. These personalized petals are simple to make and they will be even more beautiful to moms than real flowers.

Handprint tote bags  

Let children make use of their adorable handprints and footprints by creating these cute DIY tote bags from Nifty Mom. These are perfect for moms to use as library book bags, beach bags, or on grocery trips. If cooking is more mom’s style, you could also have the kids help you make a special handprint apron.

“To the moon and back” cards 

A custom card is a great way for children to say “I love you” and this is a gorgeous idea that you’ll have so much fun putting together. First, take some fun photos of the children in climbing poses. Then, they can help you use watercolors to decorate the card. If the card is from multiple children, it can be enlarged and the children can be climbing up the ladder together.

Personalized Mother’s Day booklets

Hello, Wonderful has the free printables to make this sweet book that’s filled with fun facts, like children’s favorite things to do with their mom and favorite memories of mom. Simply print out the pages, fill in the info, allow children to decorate, and then glue each page to some cardstock and bind it together.

Love note keychains

Let children collaborate on a special note or photo for their mom that can be shrunken down to make the perfect keychain. Crafty Warehouse has the how-to for this special project that uses shrink film and permanent markers. It’s super easy to put together, and the results will be treasured forever.

Custom photo book 

Moms can never have enough photos! Use a service like Artifact Uprising or Shutterfly to customize a special photo book with pictures of the children. You can use photos you’ve captured throughout the year or stage a few quick photo shoots at the park and while you’re out and about with the children. You could even capture photos of the children holding special signs wishing their mom a happy Mother’s Day or listing off reasons why they love her.