Technology has offered us more ways than ever to stay connected to family and friends. We can upload things to Instagram, email photos, Tweet, post on Snapchat. But social media isn’t the only good to come from technology. There are also so many apps that can be used to streamline our day-to-day lives, keep track of important work information, and to make us more productive and organized, and the opportunities presented by these apps definitely extend to the parent-caregiver relationship. Thanks to apps, there are dozens of new and easy ways for parents and nannies to keep each other updated on important details about scheduling and the children, to share photos and messages, and even to tackle chores and to-do lists. Here, we gathered 9 of the best apps, for everything from tracking mileage to finding changing tables and even grocery shopping, that help simplify life for nannies and families.

Daily Nanny

This all-in-one caregiver app allows nannies and parents to create a log for each day where they share photos, updates, and important information about activities, meals, naps, and more. It has an in-app messaging feature for quick notes and photos, and it can be used for kids of all ages. There is even a place to track payment information and hours worked, so everything related to a nanny’s job is all in one place. The app costs $4.99 to download.

Baby Connect

This comprehensive activity tracker has some similar functions to Daily Nanny, but was specifically designed for the parents and nannies of babies. The $4.99 app can be used to track diaper changes, feedings, sleep, activities, medical appointments and updates, and even the baby’s mood. It’s not only a great way for parents to keep up with what goes on each day, but it helps nannies and parents make a smooth transition in caregiving at the beginning and end of each day, because everyone is instantly on the same page about what the baby needs.


This free app is exactly what it sounds like—it finds public bathrooms. It uses your location to suggest public bathrooms near you and let you know if they’re free to use, accessible to those with disabilities, and can even tell you if a bathroom has a changing table. It also lets users rate, review, and add toilets, so it’s constantly updating with new information and you’re never in a lurch while you’re out and about with children.


“ICE” stands for “in case of emergency,” and this app is all about simplifying the emergency checklist. The app stores contact information for every member of the family, along with a personalized profile for each person that includes medical history, allergy information, medications being taken, and any other important details a medical professional might need in an emergency situation.


If you’re looking for app solely for keeping track of timesheets and hours, this is the one for you. This free app was designed by the U.S. Department of Labor and can be used to track hours worked, automatically calculate how much someone has earned based on hours and salary, and it even has a place to write comments about each workday. And for nannies who work part-time and/or for multiple families, there is even a way to create separate listings for each job.


This app is a godsend for whoever does the grocery shopping. You can create a menu and grocery list, choose the grocery store of your choice, and have your grocery haul delivered to your doorstep in an hour or less. The delivery fee depends on the order and location. The app also offers exclusive coupons and deals and has family sharing on up to six devices. Most importantly, it saves all the time you’d spend at the grocery store each week.

First Aid: American Red Cross

This free app gives parents and caregivers instant access to updated first aid advice for common injuries. You can choose the type of injury—cut, allergic reaction, sting, etc.—and get the best practices for handling the emergency. It’s a great addition to existing first aid training and can act as a go-to, trustworthy companion in unexpected situations.


For nannies who run errands or shuffle children to and from activities, TripLog is the easiest way to track miles for reimbursement. There is a free version for single users, but the professional version of the app can be purchased for $4.00 per month and uploads data to the cloud so it can be shared.


Stridepost is particularly great free app for families with preschoolers or older children. Parents or nannies can create to-do lists and schedule activities, organize everyone’s calendars, and track other tasks besides caregiving. You can even add chores, schoolwork, and tasks for children to complete and then track their rewards or allowance in real time. The app stores everything on a handy family calendar that is shared between devices and shows what every single person has going on at any given moment. It’s a planning and scheduling app that truly keeps every member of the household in sync.