Who doesn’t love Disneyland? If the family you’re nannying for is planning on a big summer Disneyland trip (as so many do), you’re going to want all the insider information, tips, and tricks to navigate your way through the park and make the most out of your Disney experience.

Below are some of the most important and most-requested tips for nannies when visiting Disneyland. 

Planning In Advance

So many things can be taken care of in advance of your arrival to help make your time at the park go smoothly.

  • Buy tickets ahead of time by purchasing them online
  • Figure out how long you plan on being at the park each day
  • Determine and prioritize which areas of the park are most important for you to see
  • Utilize weather apps to narrow down what to bring with you (hats, sunscreen, umbrellas, swimsuits, changes of clothes, etc.)

The Wonder of FASTPASS

The harsh reality of visiting Disneyland is that it’s incredibly popular, thus waiting in line is unavoidable. But Disneyland also has a free ride time reservation system: FASTPASS. Here’s what you need to know.

  • You’re only allowed one pass at a time, so make your reservation on a popular ride and then go do something else rather than wait in line.
  • If you have a baby, toddler or preschooler who is under 3 years old but able to see a show or go on a FASTPASS ride, you do not need a FASTPASS for him or her. Children under 3 do not have a ticket to put into the machine. Just tell the ride attendant, and he or she will wave you through as long as everyone else has valid FASTPASSes.

Timing is everything

If you’ve never visited Disneyland Resort, you should go in with at least a rough plan of attack. Some things to remember:

  • Lines are generally shortest in the morning – the early bird gets the worm, er, The Mouse!
  • Everything tends to be less crowded during a fireworks display or parade, so keep that in mind for timing up rides.
  • Space Mountain is incredibly popular and usually always crowded, but more so at the end of the night. So hit that ride up early if it’s on your list (and really, it should be on your list). 

Important General Info For Families With Kids

When you’re out and about at one of the world’s largest and most popular theme parks (especially in inclement weather or the summer heat), it’s good to be prepared for anything – boo-boos especially.

  • Both parks have Baby Care Centers and First Aid Centers. Baby Care Stations are great quiet places to take your kids, and the First Aid Centers have nurses on site who can assist with minor issues (like blisters).
  • Due to newer stroller regulations, don’t bring your own stroller before doing a little research first. If yours doesn’t meet the park regulations, you can rent single and double strollers on-site at the park for the entire day.
  • Make time for resting – for everyone. It’s easy to get swept up in the grandeur of it all, and who wouldn’t want to be at the park from open-close? But the reality is, the park is enormous with so many things to do. If everyone is tuckered out by a certain time the first day, make lists of things you want to see and do for the rest of the days there. It’s easy to get exhausted, which is why it’s important for everyone (the little ones especially) to take some time-out to rest.
  • You can bring your own food! Disneyland will let you bring your own food into the park, and there are plenty of tables and benches where you can all sit and eat. Though there are many wonderful restaurants and eateries everyone should try during their trip to the park, it’s nice to bring your own food and snacks to break it up a bit.