It’s that time of year, where almost every family you know will be traveling and bound for some fun family destination. When it comes to packing your nanny kid’s suitcase, it’s easy to feel daunted by the task before you even getting started. That’s why we’re here to provide some tips to make the process as seamless as possible! The trick? Thinking things through ahead of time. Follow these suggestions, and you’ll have a perfectly packed suitcase for the kiddos in no time!

Lists Are Your Friend

When it comes to making sure you pack everything you need, a list is a great place to start. One way to combat packing-induced stress is by writing down everything you need. Separate it by clothing, diapers, feeding essentials and utensils, toiletries, medications, games/activities, and miscellaneous. Make sure to remember to plan ahead, too – you never know when a child will need Tylenol or a Band-Aid. Anticipating needs before they arise will save you stress when you arrive at your destination. Whether you use one master list or divvy it up by sectioning it out, a list will keep you on track to pack like a pro. Start writing it a week or so ahead of time so you can add to it as you go along.

Yes, You Can Have a Marie Kondo-esque Suitcase

The great thing about folding and packing kids’ clothing items is that they’re small and they fit so compactly inside a suitcase! Taking the time to fold each garment neatly (whether you like the kon mari method or your own technique) is not only a space-saver but a great time-saver for when you open it up and begin unpacking.

Kids Can Be Messy, But Less Is More

Unless you’re headed somewhere that doesn’t have laundry access or an on-site washer or dryer (though a Tide packet and a sink can do the trick if you’re in a bind), you don’t need to pack more than one outfit per day, per child. If you’re worried about the weather being unpredictable, add a zip-up sweatshirt or jacket for each child to toss on just in case—layers are key. They can also help cover spills if need be! One pair of pajamas per kid should suffice, unless you’re worried about diaper leaks or accidents. Bathing them before bed helps them wind down in unfamiliar surroundings – and it makes sure their jammies stay clean too!

Don’t Forget to Consider These Things

A bag for dirty laundry can be a life-saver for keeping soiled clothes away from clean ones. Plus, it makes things easier when you return home and begin the laundry process. Extra underwear or diapers – well, just because. When packing shoes, take into consideration where you’re going and what you’ll be doing when you’re there. Whether they “go” with each outfit isn’t necessarily as important as functionality when you’re traveling. Especially with kids – they’ll likely prefer comfort above all else.