Families who classify themselves as progressive or having a progressive parenting style are on the rise, and this phrase isn’t just a way of showing political affiliation. When used in a familial context, “progressive” embodies a set of values and parenting choices that come from intentional and big-picture thinking.

Many progressive parents are turning to homeschooling, and often with a private educator, because they find this unique choice gives them the ability to create the lifestyle they want for their children in a way nothing else does. Here are just ten of the reasons why:


1. They Value Their Children As Autonomous People

Progressive parents see each child as a unique and individual human being, and placing them in an institutionalized educational system doesn’t always jive with that. Homeschooling with a private educator provides the flexibility necessary for each child in a family to have their unique needs met. 

From adjusting to different learning styles, to those in need of learning accommodations, gifted and twice exceptional kids, children with asynchronous development, or just those children who dance to the beat of a different drum, a private educator can adapt to these differences in ways that a classroom teacher simply cannot. And progressive parents are availing themselves of that choice in order to ensure their children aren’t placed in a one-size-fits-all environment.

2. They Want to Follow Their Children’s Cues

Just as all children have different needs, they also have different talents, desires, and interests, and progressive parents see honoring those things as no less important.

With a private educator, your budding artist, entrepreneur, or computer coder can devote time and resources to cultivating their passions and developing their chosen skills in a meaningful way. It gives parents the ability to say, “What would the perfect education for this child look like?” and build that, rather than conforming their child to a standard model of education. 

3. They Want to Instill Their Family’s Values

Progressive parents want their children to live a life that reflects what they value, even if that means letting their children decide on their own values. They want their children’s education to be more than about reading and math, but also about social issues, growth mindsets, and egalitarian worldviews. 

A private homeschool teacher is often the solution to ensuring that there is cohesive unity between the parenting style you’ve thoughtfully implemented since your child was born and their educational experience.

4. They Prefer Outcomes to Arbitrary Rules

In a classroom of 20 to 30 kids, there has to be rules or there will be anarchy. But parents are beginning to question whether an environment with no speaking out of turn, raising your hand to go to the bathroom, or mastering the art of standing in line is the experience they want for their children. 

Instead, progressive parents are thinking outside the box about what is possible for their child’s day. With a private educator in a home environment, there doesn’t need to be a laundry list of arbitrary rules. Rather, the focus is on learning outcomes, achieving those “ah-ha!” moments, and finding joy in the process, not on rule enforcement.


5. They Want to Teach Critical Thinking

By its very nature, a traditional school setting doesn’t exactly encourage thinking for yourself. No public school administrator will laud the merit of questioning what the purpose of a standardized test is. Systems are designed to push people through them smoothly, and freethinkers, questioners, or imaginers are often just seen as disruptors.

Parents with a progressive approach value the freedom a private educator gives to their children to examine their world, ask questions, challenge dogmas, and think for themselves.

6. They Value Earned Respect Over Authority

Similarly to valuing critical thinking, progressive parents understand true respect doesn’t come with a title. These are parents who aren’t quick to use the phrase, “Because I’m the parent and I said so,” and aren’t afraid of apologizing and admitting they made a mistake, even to their child. With this mentality, sending their child to a school that demands unquestioning obedience just because you have a teaching degree can go a little against the grain. 

Home educating allows parents to create a space where learning can be Socratic, a child’s questions and insights can be valued, and no one holds a claim on truth or authority just because they hold a title.


7. They Want Living, Not Scheduling

A progressive parenting approach tends to conform family life to the natural rhythms and seasons of the people in it, not vice versa, and using a private educator allows this approach to continue, unimpeded, throughout a child’s education.

Along with eliminating the need for early alarm clocks, catching school buses, and days measured by the sound of bells, a homeschool teacher provides the opportunity to chase the rabbit trails of your child’s interests, move the lessons outside on a beautiful day, or modify the plans for a child who is having a rough day.


8. They Have a Bigger Picture in Mind

Typically, along with all this freedom of thought and expression come children who can identify issues of social, environmental, or political injustice and care deeply about them.

Homeschooling, as a rule, offers a quality education in less time per day than a traditional school setting. And this allows far more time for a child to devote, not just to sports and extracurricular activities, but to activism and engagement on real-world issues.

Progressive parents often find hiring a private educator supports their desire for their children to have the time, resources, and assistance they need to focus on a bigger picture in life and causes outside of themselves.


9. They Are Parenting With Thought for the End Goal

To progressive parents, it’s not just about the day to day. They know that all of these individual days in their kids’ childhood will, one day, add up to a fully-fledged adult out in the world–and they give thought to what type of adult that person will be.

Just like we are what we eat, we are how we spend our time. So progressive parents often seek private educators as a partner in intentionally structuring their children’s lives with thought for what types of adults they want to raise.


10. They Just Want Their Kids to Be Kids

However, along with caring about the adults they’re raising, progressive parents honor childhood as a critical time period to be protected. Homeschooling with a private educator can ensure a more child-centered, simplified day, and the ability for your child to spend more time just enjoying their childhood.

In short, progressive families are homeschooling to carry the philosophies from their parenting style forward to their children’s educational experience. A private educator lets you do this while implementing the same priorities, values, and intentions that you bring to every other aspect of your life. 

There are many factors to consider if you are thinking about making this choice. To find out more about homeschooling with a private educator and the benefits it brings, visit our Private Educator page or contact us to learn more.