So, you’ve found a job you’re excited about, and now it’s time for the all-important nanny trial. This is your moment to shine, to showcase your skills, and to connect with the family, in addition to getting a feel as to whether or not it’s a good fit for you, too. But how do you prepare for this critical step?

Let us walk you through the top tips to gear up for that all-important nanny trial.

Do Your Homework on the Family
Before you step into their home, take some time to learn about the family. What are their values, routines, and expectations? Refer to the agency that connected you with the family or the job description that first caught your eye for any useful information. You’ll feel more at ease during the trial if you have a sense of who they are.

Prepare a Nanny Toolkit
Fill it with items like children’s books, a first-aid kit, a list of emergency contacts, and some age-appropriate toys. Having these essentials on hand shows you’re ready for any situation that might arise during the trial.

Dress the Part
How you show up to a trial matters, and it should reflect your professionalism. Opt for something comfortable yet polished. Is it professional-presenting and comfortable enough to allow you to get on the floor and play? After all, you want to make a stellar first impression. And don’t forget comfortable shoes because, trust us, you’ll be on your feet a lot.

Communicate Effectively
During the trial, your communication skills are your secret weapon. Ask questions, listen actively, and engage with the children. Show that you’re an excellent communicator who genuinely cares. Share your childcare philosophy, but also be flexible when the family offers their own input. It’s all about finding common ground.

Be On Time
Punctuality is a vital in the nanny world. Arriving five minutes early shows you’re reliable and respectful of the family’s time. If you run into unexpected delays, make sure to communicate with the family and let them know when they can expect you. But we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to avoid this at all costs!

Flex Your Problem-Solving Muscles
Nannies are experts at thinking on their feet. The trial might throw a curveball your way, like an unhappy child adjusting to a big change, a minor accident, or a sudden change in plans. Show that you can handle these situations calmly and efficiently.

Stay True to You
One big no-no is trying to be someone you’re not just to make the family happy. Your superpower is being you. If it’s a good fit, the family will appreciate and value you for your true self. If you’re the right fit for them and vice versa, it shouldn’t feel like you’re forcing things, though an adjustment period is expected and totally normal.

Follow Up
Once the trial period is over, don’t ghost the family. Send a thoughtful follow-up message expressing your gratitude for the opportunity. This simple act of courtesy speaks volumes about your professionalism.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind that the nanny trial is a two-way street.
Just as the family is assessing if you’re the right match for their needs, you have the right to evaluate if this family and position align with your expectations. While it’s essential to be understanding of the initial adjustments, don’t ignore any glaring red flags. Your well-being, both physically and emotionally, should never be compromised during this process. After all, it’s not just about them choosing you; it’s also about you choosing them.

A trial might seem like a daunting test, but remember, this is just a chance to give a position a shot and test the waters. With these tips in your back pocket, you’ll be ready to make an awesome impression on the job and embark on your next position with confidence and a perfect-fit position. We’re rooting for you, nanny